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Who is Mary Pawpins?


Jennifer Nelson is the professional pet sitter, otherwise known as “Mary Pawpins”.  Jennifer spent 10 years in the Real Estate industry, specializing in customer care and meeting the needs of her clients. After experiencing her own frustration in not being able to find a reliable & dependable pet sitter, she decided to start her own business. Much of her adult life she has tended to her own pets who required special care (diabetes, renal failure & cancer). Learning as much as she could over the years, she has become quite knowledgeable on caring for animals with special needs, and is pet first aid certified through the American Red Cross.

Jennifer is kind, caring, generous, and reliable, with an infectious spirit! The moment you meet her, you will realize what an asset she is to the pet sitting industry. 

Photo by Heather Fowler

Photo by Heather Fowler http://www.HeatherFowlerPhoto.com/